Cave Yoga + Meditation

Join us for Ohio's only cave yoga + meditation class

Relax body and mind as we connect to nature inside the caverns with an inviting and inspiring class welcome to all levels. This multi-sensory experience will take your yoga practice to a place it has never been (including an impromptu yoga studio 75-feet underground). 

CLASS LENGTH: 50 minutes

CLASS LEVEL: All Levels - Beginners Welcome

DATES: August 22 & 29 at 5:30pm | September 15 & 22 at 8:30am




- Yoga mat (required)

- Old beach towel (the cavern floor can be damp and somewhat muddy, so this will protect your mat)

- Hand towel (you may experience a few drops of water from the cave ceiling)

Please note that we will walk down 54 stairs to enter the caverns, so tennis shoes are suggested. However, you may choose to be barefoot or use yoga shoes once on your mat. The caverns are naturally around 55 degrees year round (nope, this is not hot yoga!), so please dress for your temperature comfort level.