**Closed For the Season - See you April 2020!**

History and Geology meet in a one of a kind experience

Monday - Sunday
9:30am - 5:00pm

Cavern Tour Prices:
Adults - $9.95
Children - $6.95


Open Every Day Through October 31


How long does a tour last?

*Approximately 35 minutes

Are there many stairs?

*There are 54 stairs that lead into the caverns and you use those same 54 stairs to exit the caverns.

Is there a way to get out of the caverns that doesn't involve climbing the stairs?


Can we use a stroller?

*For safety reasons, strollers are not allowed in the caverns or the petting zoo

Can we use a baby carrier?

*Yes, however there are a couple of spots that might be a tight squeeze

Can we bring our dog?

*For the safety of our petting zoo animals we ask that you do not bring dogs with you

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